Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

July 15, 2013
HARRISBURG, PA – That’s right, gang. Our long struggle against the evils of the Medicare competitive bidding program is still not over. Seriously.  July 1 may have come and gone, but the final bell has yet to be rung on this battle betwe

July 11 Test Article Headline from Greg

July 11, 2013
FORT COLLINS, CO – The following is a test from Greg Thompson, written on Thursday, July 11. This is only a test. If it had been an actual emergency, you would have been told to go up I25 straight to Denver.

AAHomecare Continues to Fight

July 1, 2013
WASHINGTON, DC – AAHomecare has been fighting to stop the fatally flawed competitive bidding with legislation and now legal action. We have been working on legislative initiatives to replace the competitive bidding program with the Market Prici

Another Letter Slams Competitive Bidding

July 1, 2013
WASHINGTON, DC – A powerful message combined with a powerful messenger in yet another letter expressing considerable concern about the competitive bidding program. Former competitive bidding proponent Nancy L. Johnson, a member of Congress (5th

Round Two Rates in Effect

July 1, 2013
WASHINGTON, DC – Summer temperatures climbed and Medicare reimbursement rates plummeted as round two of competitive bidding began today. The round two rates, amounting to an average reimbursement cut of 45% across affected product categories, k

The Insane are Running the Asylum

May 6, 2013
AMARILLO, TX – For the first 12 years of my life, I grew up in a state mental hospital. It was built in approximately 1900. The hospital was a series of buildings, roads, ponds, trees and horses located outside the town. The facility had about