Requesting An Office Of Inspector General Advisory Opinion

February 23, 2024

In the non-health care space, contracts, business arrangements, and joint ventures need to make sense from a financial standpoint.

Fraud In The Catheter Space

February 19, 2024

The New York Times recently published an article that discusses fraud in the catheter space...What are the lessons?

Using Offshore Subcontractors

February 9, 2024

The term “subcontract” is a fairly simple term. A subcontract arises when one company (“ABC, Inc.”) pays another company (“XYZ, Inc.”) to perform services.

Qualified Vs Unqualified Leads

February 5, 2024

What is perfectly legal in the non-health care space (auto parts stores, clothing stores, ice cream shops) can constitute a crime in the health care space.

New CMS Rule Streamlines Communication And Prior Authorizations

January 29, 2024

As of Jan. 17, 2024, CMS has affirmed its commitment to advancing interoperability and improving prior authorization.

OIG Approves Gift Cards To Physicians, But Beware

January 12, 2024

DME suppliers are aware that they have to be very careful when it comes to providing gifts to physicians.