About the Conference

Experience In-Depth & Comprehensive HME Education at Medtrade

Medtrade, the largest home medical equipment trade show and conference in the US, has been connecting the HME industry since 1979, originally launched as the National Home Healthcare Exhibition.

The Medtrade educational program covers a wide range of topics, from innovations to products and daily operations for the home medical equipment, complex rehabilitation industry, and manufacturer partners. Our 2025 Conference tracks are:

  • Audits & Compliance
  • Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) & Mobility
  • Legislative, Regulatory, Legal
  • Managed Care
  • Business Operations
  • Product and Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technology & Innovations

The Conference program offers a variety of 1-1.5-hour educational sessions, led by top industry speakers in virtually every aspect of the HME/ DME industry. Medtrade also offers intensive half and full-day workshops that provide training on topics such as DME Certification, Sales & Marketing, Reimbursement, and more.

Medtrade is renowned for its educational offerings. We would like to thank our Educational Advisory Board for their continued guidance.

Medtrade Conference Tracks

Audits and Compliance

The DMEPOS industry is accustomed to undergoing audits by various oversight entities. For suppliers, it is essential to be aware of the audit environment and its implications and how to proactively prepare. The sessions in this track, delivered by industry experts and peers, will give participants the tools they need to mitigate the negative impacts of audits and other compliance-related issues.

Business Operations

Tailored for dedicated business operations staff seeking to enhance their organizations’ financial performance and operational efficiency, this track will help you discover the latest strategies designed to maximize revenue capture and streamline operational processes. Join us to explore innovative approaches that will transform your business operations and drive significant improvements in your financial bottom line.


Complex Rehab Technology (CRT)/mobility is a unique sector of the DMEPOS space. This track aims to provide helpful tools & resources for anyone who is interested in learning about or who is currently part of the CRT/mobility community – providing, manufacturing, prescribing, or using the technology. Embark on this educational journey to not only stay abreast of the latest CRT/mobility developments but also to master the tools and strategies that will propel your success in this rapidly evolving field.

Legislative, Regulatory, and Legal

The DME industry is highly regulated. There are many federal statutes and CMS regulations that DME suppliers must follow. And every state has multiple statutes and regulations pertaining to DME suppliers. This track offers programs from experts on legislative, regulatory and legal issues. Speakers include attorneys who advise DME suppliers on how to be legally compliant. Speakers also include individuals with experience working with federal and state legislatures…and regulatory agencies…on issues important to the DME industry.

Managed Care

The reimbursement landscape continues to evolve for healthcare with an increase in Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed care enrollment.  Also impacting this landscape are the growing value-based care and alternative payment models that payers, providers, manufacturers, and distributors are developing and/or participating in.  This track will focus on how to make your business successful when working with managed care plans, commercial payers, and value-based care models.  It also includes information on how your business can effectively develop payer relationships, manage and negotiate your payer contracts, and operational best practices to ensure your business can be successful in a managed care world.

Product and Services

Designed to highlight trending products and category growth opportunities, the Product Track provides essential strategies for success. This track covers key topics such as coverage and compliance requirements, as well as best practices for adding new product lines or expanding existing ones.

Join industry experts and HME business owners as they share valuable insights and lessons learned. Sessions will cover key success strategies, coverage and compliance requirements and best practices for these categories:

• Ventilation
• Lymphedema Compression
• Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
• Urological Supplies
• Surgical Dressings
• Enteral Nutrition
• Maternity Support and Supplies
• Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Sales and Marketing

The Sales and Marketing Track will offer HME and CRT leadership, management, and sales representatives with relevant education and training to help engage the referral community, increase efficiency and productivity, and gain market share. The sessions offered are field tested, current best practices that follow a pre-defined presentation outline that provides information with application for the beginner and seasoned veteran.

NEW! Technology and Innovation

Dive into the cutting-edge Technology and Innovation Track, where we explore the latest advancements shaping the HME industry. This track is designed for professionals eager to leverage emerging solutions to enhance their operations and drive business success.

  • Digital Ordering: Discover how new digital ordering solutions can streamline purchasing processes, improve accuracy, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Workflow Automation: Learn how automation can optimize workflows, reduce manual tasks, and increase overall efficiency in your organization.
  • Inventory Management: Explore innovative inventory management systems that ensure optimal stock levels, reduce waste, and improve supply chain efficiency.
  • Interoperability: Understand the importance of seamless data exchange between systems and how interoperability can lead to better decision-making and coordination.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Examine the impact of AI on the HME industry, from predictive analytics to customer service enhancements, and how it can drive significant improvements in your operations.

Speaker Handouts

Speaker handouts/notes (if provided by the speaker) will be available in the Medtrade app about a week prior to the show.

DME Audit Issues | HME Retail Conference Sessions

Looking to gain insight into DME audits, reimbursement, competitive bidding, retail and regulatory issues and hot topics? Join HME leaders for a conference program overflowing with information and ideas you can really use to improve your business. You’ll find practical takeaways and gain a better understanding of the current legislative/regulatory landscape. Medtrade’s specialized conference tracks make it easier than ever to find the ones most relevant to you.