Moving the HME Industry Forward


Dare to Be Optimistic

February 20, 2017

LAS VEGAS – It’s true that many HME providers think about attending Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas or Medtrade in Atlanta, long before they ever finally attend. I have heard the stories, and the ending is just about always the same. They say, “I should not have waited so long. I got so much out of the show.”

In 2017, making the commitment to flee a comfort zone, spend money on travel, and come to the show is still a difficult decision for some. Others would never consider not attending.

The two mindsets are different, but making the decision usually comes down to optimism. Attendees are optimistic that it will be worth their while, but those who stay home feel differently. I understand both ways of thinking.

It is no easier in 2017 to do business than it was in 2016. And yet, we can all dare to be optimistic. It’s remarkable, for example, that we have had just one politician speak at Medtrade over the last five years, and that man (Tom Price) is now secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Will Dr. Price make things better? He might, and we can dare to hope. Within the virtual pages of Medtrade Monday, the industry’s most respected advocates have all said that Price knows our industry better than most anyone, and he is now in charge. That is a good thing indeed.

If you’re still on the fence, and there is a way for you to get to Las Vegas next week, I encourage you to make it happen. It is going to be an excellent show, filled with people who are anxious to share their wisdom and help you succeed. Our co-location with the Environments for Aging show means you get two trade show floors for the price of one, and new products/insights to mine.

And so I ask…think about Medtrade Spring one more time. I hope to see you there.  

Kevin Gaffney is group show director, Medtrade Spring and Medtrade.