CEUs at Medtrade

Earn 6HRS CEU Credits at Medtrade

Our friends at Pride and Quantum are offering the following CEU program at Medtrade 2024. The program is comprised of three consecutive classes on Wednesday, March 27.

Fee: $50

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Deciding on Power: Clinical Implications and Client Considerations (1 hour):

Course Description: Individuals with chronic medical conditions and long-term disabilities who have a permanent need for a wheelchair require a comprehensive, detailed evaluation of their physical, functional and environmental needs to allow clinicians and ATP suppliers to make appropriate Assistive Technology recommendations for a successful outcome.

This course will examine the algorithmic approach when deciding on power mobility base selection while also discussing key performance parameters and capabilities of power options that lead to equipment recommendations specific to group categories and clinical implications. This framework will provide clinicians with the tools necessary to effectively evaluate and document the medical need for Power mobility intervention and assist the supplier ATP in matching an individual’s identified needs to the technology interventions.

Drivability: Features and Options to Promote Function and Independence (2 hour):

Course Description: Drivability is defined as “the degree of smoothness and steadiness of acceleration”. When considering drivability in the terms of power wheelchair management, it is not only an extremely important factor for an end user’s safety in controlling the power wheelchair, but a huge consideration in the satisfaction and comfort of using the device. When evaluating an end user for a power mobility device, much consideration is given to the mobility base, seating components, and drive controls, but there are other features to consider as well. This course will look at these important additional features including programming options, drive wheel configuration, suspension, and tracking technology.


Clinical Considerations for Programming Options to Maximize Function with Alternative Drive Controls (3hr):

Course Description: Maximizing function is the main goal of any power mobility device. The evaluating team’s goals should be all about maximizing the consumers goals and outcomes. Consumers know what they want to accomplish but the team must find a way to meet and hopefully exceed the individual’s expectations. While the choice of power base and drive control are very important, the programming capabilities can make or break the success of the individual using the power wheelchair. This means both therapist and ATP must be well versed in their understanding of what is available in the electronics of the wheelchair to maximize outcomes.

This course will focus (using a hands-on approach) on the alternative drive control options available in the Complex Rehab Industry and what programming options can be utilized to optimize drivability. With these programming options, the team can ensure that the persons goals for functional mobility are met and exceeded.