Medtrade is here to help you maximize your business return on investment and drive more traffic to your booth by offering a wide selection of new FREE online promotional tools. The promotional tools can be added to your company blog, social media sites, the home page of your website, in email campaigns, newsletters, brochures and anywhere else where you’ll want to be visible to buyers. Our creative team designed engaging and lively graphics that will grab your buyer’s attention and inform them at the same time. Start reaching your buyers today.

How to start:

Step One: Find the graphic(s) that you need, click ‘Create and Download’.
Step Two: Input ‘Company’ and ‘Booth Number’ information in the text fields.
Step Three: Choose the graphic size that you need, and download.
Step Four: Save the image to your files and upload them wherever necessary.
Step Five: Link the image graphic to the NPE website

..and ta-da! Your custom graphics are uploaded and ready!

Add to Calendar

Add the show to your calendars and even your website

Email Signature

Customized with your company name & booth number.

Personalized Web Banners

Customized with your company name & booth number.

Animated Web Banners

These will get your customers attention and are available in 3 sizes to use however you want

Social Media Images

Graphics ready to use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Add your company logo, booth number and don’t forget your own social media handles.

General Promo Image

This is a general digital promotional tool to use everywhere