Power Lunch

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Ask the Reimbursement Expert
Facilitator: Ronda Buhrmester, Sr. Director of Payer Relations & Reimbursement, VGM & Associates
Reimbursement expert, Ronda Buhrmester, is here to provide guidance and clarification on questions or issues your company is facing with medical policies, claim submissions, denials, and prior authorization for any payer (Medicare FFS, commercial, Medicaid). The discussion will also include the front office which is the intake/customer service team that handles the patients and referrals on the front line. Let’s also review with your peers the solutions that can be found within technology platforms.

Leadership Best Practices
Facilitator: Mike Isaacson, SVP Business Development for VGM & Associates
Krista will walk attendees through leadership best practices during the recent PHE. Discussion points will include building and keeping team morale, leadership through extreme and fast change, and what new policies and practices to keep or leave behind as a result of the PHE.

CPAP Resupply
Facilitator: RJ Meyer, SVP Sales and Customer Service of VGM Fulfillment
RJ will guide the discussion around CPAP setup and resupply best practices. How can you scale and maximize your resupply program to best serve your patients, and keep your referring providers happy while making the process as simple and manageable for your staff as possible? This will also be a great opportunity for peer-to-peer discussions to learn what has worked well for others.

Re‐thinking Your Respiratory Program
Facilitator: Dave Lyman, Vice President, VGM Respiratory
Dave will talk about the importance of providers needing to have programs that not only create value but show value. As health care continues to change from a fee‐for‐service model to pay‐for‐ performance, respiratory providers must show their value to payers, health systems, and health care professionals. This can be a difficult task, but it can be done.

Rewire Your Retail Business
Facilitator: Rob Baumhover, Director of VGM Retail
If you haven’t made changes or rewired your retail business lately it’s time to do so. Rob Baumhover, Director of VGM Retail will share best practices that could help take your retail business to the next level. All areas are open for discussion but will be focusing on; The Customer Experience, Products, Marketing, and Store Operations.

Diabetes and Wound Care
Facilitator: Heather Trumm, Director of VGM Wound Care
Heather will discuss why you should be servicing the diabetic patients and some tips and tricks on the various types of equipment and supplies that the DME can provide. We will also briefly discuss general qualifications.

They are back! What you Need to Know about Audits.
Facilitator: Wayne van Halem, Founder and President of The van Halem Group
Wayne will guide discussions around what will CMS and other payors due to audit claims submitted during the pandemic, now that we are starting to put the pandemic behind us. The ALJ backlog is getting resolved and audits are on the rise once again. These audit experts can answer your questions and provide some insight on what to anticipate.