Leadership Transition At Medline

June 30, 2023

NORTHFIELD, IL - After more than 26 years of leadership, Charlie Mills (CEO), Andy Mills (president) and Jim Abrams (COO) will retire from their current roles at Medline.

Anatomy Of A Government Investigation

June 15, 2023

AMARILLO, TX - The DME industry is highly regulated. This results from the fact that suppliers primarily serve the elderly…and payment for health care products and services for the elderly primarily comes from Medicare.

Stock Purchase Of A DME Supplier

June 9, 2023

AMARILLO, TX - Assume that John Smith owns ABC Medical Equipment, Inc. Assume that Jim Brown intends to purchase ABC. There are two ways for the purchase to occur.

A Primer On Cyber Security With Medtrade Speaker Jeff Woodham

June 2, 2023

LUBBOCK, TX – On the heels of Apria’s recent notice of data breach, Medtrade Monday sat down with Medtrade presenter Jeff Woodham for a primer on cyber security.

Invacare Results For First Q 2023

May 27, 2023

Reflecting on progress, Geoff Purtill, president and CEO, said: “Year-to-date, we've made tremendous strides..."

Invacare Reorg Takes Shape

May 12, 2023

ELYRIA, OH - Invacare Corp announced last week that it has emerged from Chapter 11.