I Am the HME Industry – Colleen E. Hunter

August 26, 2013
MELBOURNE, FL – When the local Chamber of Commerce called up Colleen E. Hunter to invite her to a small business round table, the president/owner of Browning’s Pharmacy and Healthcare could not help but ponder the dichotomy. On one hand, Chamber

Medtrade 2013: The Place to Find Crucial New Revenue Streams

August 26, 2013
ORLANDO, FL – In 2013, perhaps more than ever, Medtrade attendees will be searching for fantastic retail opportunities on the show floor. This time, however, attendees will get a little extra help from experts such as Jim Greatorex, owner of Bl

I Am the HME Industry – Q&A with Lonny Weiner

August 19, 2013
PRINCETON, NJ – The list of “suppliers of ancillary products and services” is included in every AAHomecare communication, but who are these companies? Who are the people who run them? One such company is Lingraphicare America Inc, and Lonny Wei

Demand, Diversification and Retail – Keys to Surviving the Next 18 Months

August 19, 2013
ORLANDO, FL – You always hear about “must-see” events on TV these days. Well, folks, I’m telling you that our latest episode of HME Voice, hosted by me and Kevin Gaffney, Medtrade group show director (pictured), is a “must-list

Boost Your Retail IQ at Medtrade

August 19, 2013
ORLANDO, FL – Medtrade 2013 will feature an expanded and improved Retail Design Center that takes the idea of a retail store concept to the next level. Attendees will be able to walk through displays and get an idea of how an effective showroom

Medtrade Connect: Free and Simple

August 12, 2013
ORLANDO, FL – For those who choose to invest the time and money to come to Medtrade, organizers want to help make the most out of the experience. Medtrade Connect can help. It’s free and it’s simple. Medtrade Connect is an easy