You Can Call Medicare Beneficiaries, But Be Careful

July 15, 2013
AMARILLO, TX – Let me make this clear: CMS does not like it when DME suppliers call Medicare beneficiaries. A CMS official once said to me: “We don’t want DME suppliers calling our beneficiaries.”  The concern is that an elde

Medtrade: CPAP Opportunity Can Reduce Headaches (Even Migraines)

July 1, 2013
BARCELONA – CPAP providers looking to build physician referral networks have yet another CPAP benefit to crow about. Add migraine headaches to the list of ailments helped by CPAP. This year’s Medtrade Orlando, scheduled for Oct 7-10 in the Sunshi

Purchasing a DME Supplier: The Importance of Regulatory Due Diligence

July 1, 2013
AMARILLO, TX – It has been the goal of entrepreneurs over the centuries: start-up business, build the business up, and sell it for a profit.  This has been the cycle in the restaurant industry, the sporting goods industry, and the DME industry

Friendly Reminder: Medtrade will be in Orlando, Fla

April 29, 2013
ORLANDO, FL – Regular Medtrade attendees are used to booking flights to Atlanta in the Fall, but this year is different. When the 5-year Atlanta contracts expire, Nielsen Expositions takes a survey to determine where HME providers want to go next.

Medtrade Spring Award Winners Look Forward to Medtrade in Orlando

April 22, 2013
LAS VEGAS – A month after Medtrade Spring, providers and manufacturers combed through their leads and made plans for Medtrade in Orlando, scheduled for Oct 7-10. For award recipients such as AM Airway Management/VirtuOx, winners of the Provider’s

Medtrade Spring Digital Conference Library Now Available

April 15, 2013
ALPHARETTA, GA – Unable to be at Medtrade Spring last month? You can still get access to all of the detailed conference sessions with the Medtrade Digital Conference Library. Those not able to attend Medtrade Spring can “attend” a m